Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador Program

Next year will be my fourth year as a Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador and it has been such an amazing experience. We meet once a month (Currently I attend the one in Beachwood, OH), and we learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry. We also learn about different jobs, talk about trends, style outfits from the store, and participate in interview/ leadership activities, plus you get a discount on clothing the day of your meeting. I was able to participate in two prom fashion shows at Nordstrom as an ambassador which has been one of my favorite memories. 

2015 Show 

2016 Show 

Read my blog about it here

I have made so many friends from this program throughout the years, and I’m still in touch with a lot of them today. I have also made connections with employees and they have personally mentored me. I love everything that Nordstrom stands for, not only do they have quality merchandise, but outstanding customer service. I have never worked with a company that’s more intentional about their customers than Nordstrom. They also give so much to their community by hosting charity events and providing scholarships, internships, and this fashion ambassador program for so many aspiring teens. This program has prepared me for my next step in my fashion  career and I’m so thankful for that! If you’re in high school and are interested in fashion, I recommend this experience 100%! Click the link here to apply and get more information; the last day to do so is April 7th. After you apply online they will email you about an interview day. For the interview you need two letters of recommendation, and a style project. More details about paperwork will be sent to you. My first year I created a scrapbook with a Road-trip theme, showing styles I would wear in different locations. The next year I created Polyvore collages for each season, and last year a created a New York City Look Book with the theme “Girl Boss”. This year I will either create a blog post or YouTube video depicting my style and current trends. Remember to just be yourself and think of something out of the ordinary for your style project. They love seeing your talent and passion for fashion. If you have any questions, contact me. 


Elle Coffman


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