Staying at Parsons 

A couple weeks ago I stayed in my friends dorm at Parsons, The New School for fashion design. It was such a beautiful dorm in a perfect location! If you’re not familiar with New York apartments this dorm is very nice, especially for a college student.

Meet my friend Sami, and check out her adorable dorm….

This experience helped solidify my decision to move to the city. I was able to get the feel for living here and have a different perspective of the city. Sami is from Ohio as well so she was able to give me good insight into the moving process. Of course it’s gonna be completely different than my life right now, but I am confident and ready to move on. I know living here will shape me into the woman I want to become. I have a feeling of peace and belonging when I’m in the city and talking to people who live here. You just know when you know. I want to experience city life while I’m young, meet new people, find myself, and who I want to become. I can’t wait to share my journey with you all and be able to look back and see how much I’ve grown.

Next I will be posting about my experience being a Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador and how you can become one!


Elle Coffman


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