My Clothing Line 

Last summer I got the opportunity to start a clothing line with the brand Shop Stevie. I started this line to provide beautiful and affordable clothing for all of you and a (much needed) boutique for the ladies in my small town. This is my warehouse and shop. I always have 3 racks of clothing and a selection of jewelry from Shop Stevie and Meghan Browne. I provide a seating area so customers can enjoy their shopping experience and a dressing room so my customers can find the perfect fit.

There are a lot of details that go into this business and I will address those in another blog post. But a summary of how it works is I order Shop Stevie clothing for a wholesale price, I get to choose whatever I want from the selection provided. When the packs ship to me I have to hang, steam, and label each one. When they are ready, without imperfections, I add them to website. I do personal shopping appointments and pop ups hosted by local women. Contact me if you live in my area, and are interested in hosting one. The perk is free merchandise!!! You can shop my line here, or visit it anytime using the SHOP tab in my menu.

Below are a few of my new arrivals:

modeled by: Stevie Henderson


Elle Coffman


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