My Social Canvas | Meeting Lisa Mayer 

I have been a My Social Canvas Rep for about 4 years and finally made it out to New York City to meet Lisa Mayer, the founder of the company. As you may have heard there was a snow storm in New York on Thursday so my flight was cancelled that day. We found out the evening before so my parents and I hopped in the car and drove straight into the city in time for my meeting with Lisa, and beat the snow!!

Lisa is such a genuine and passionate woman who helps girls design a life and career they love. Personally this company has been life changing for me. My dream is to attend college at FIT in New York, and intern at My Social Canvas. Not only would that be amazing but having Lisa as a mentor and connection to a wonderful group of Christian girls through Hillsong church. Her office is right by the World Trade Center in the Verizon building. It’s located in the “Grind” which is an area provided by Verizon for businesses to come and have meetings, work, and do research. When I got there Lisa greeted me with a warm hug and tea, then we sat in one of the cute hub rooms. Finally being able to talk face to face and share our passions was so nice. I’m so thankful Lisa took some time out of her evening to chat with me.

Through My Social Canvas I have had a lot of opportunities such as designing a t-shirt that would help “educate a girl and change the world”. There have been many other campaigns and they all go to helping girls design a life and career they love.  Reps participate in monthly activation posts to get others involved in the company, inspire each other, and spread kindness. This summer MSC is doing a leadership summit and want their reps to help plan the event. We are shooting big and want to invite incredible women like Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, along with other inspirational women from industries such as fashion and business. There are also many more exciting things coming in the future. Read all about My Social Canvas here– contact me if you want to get involved and have any questions.

On Sunday I went to Hillsong church with her and met some amazing people. Lisa is so passionate about the church and her faith, it was evident by her pure happiness and excitement. This church was in the PlayStation Theater in Times Square, which was so cool!! It was eye opening to see these New Yorkers with so much diversity come together and worship the Lord. As you can see in the picture above, the band rocked it out, to the point my whole body was vibrating from the music. It was vision Sunday so we got to watch beautiful videos showing all the campuses and ones to come. Click here to watch the video. They are located all over the globe in places such as…

In conclusion my visit with Lisa was so amazing and beneficial. I now feel so much more confident in my decision to move to New York City for college. When I move I can’t wait to work with My Social Canvas more intimately and continue to help girls design a life and career they love. I don’t know everything that is in store for my future but I know that I want it to glorify God’s kingdom. Thinking about this puts the biggest smile on my face and my heart starts racing with excitement. I realized that I can’t be fearful of the future because it’s all in Gods hands and that the only thing that would be stopping this dream to happen is… me. So I’m just going for it, confidently, ready to work hard and learn… A LOT!!!


Elle Coffman ✨


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