Florida Casual Outfit Inspiration 

Day Look: 

I wore this on a walk around the neighborhood before heading to the pool. Perfect outfit that is cute and comfortable, yet easy to put together. 

Shop the look: 

Sunglasses | The Loft 

Necklace | Meghan Browne 

Top | Abercrombie 

Shorts | Abercrombie 

Shoes | Aeropostale 

Pool Attire: 

I wore a simple but sweet bikini while lounging by the pool. 

Shop the look: 

Bathing suit | Aerie 

At The Market:

This morning I went to the market before the beach so I threw on a crochet suit and vintage high waisted shorts. 

Shop the look: 

Hat | The Salty Dog 

Shorts | New York & Co. (bought at Goodwill) 

Shoes | Tommy Hilfiger (bought at TJ Maxx) 

Beach Look: 

I wore a sweet and flirty suit for the beach. We had fun playing with Marley and just gazing in the water with some music. 

Shop the look: 

Crochet top | Urban Outfitters 

Floral bottoms | Triangl

It was fun to enjoy Florida with my friend, Lauren and my grandparents but sadly my time quickly came to an end. Lauren will be launching her blog, elusiveattire.com sometime soon, stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed this casual outfit post, more to come from Ohio. 

Have a great New Year, 

Elle Coffman


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