My Makeup Routine 

Happy Saturday lovelies! This week has flown by! It was my first week of school so I wanted to share my makeup routine! Depending on how much time I have in the morning I may modify my routine. Most of the time this is what I will do though. Every product I use in this tutorial will be linked in the description.

Before Makeup:

Step 1: I wipe my face with a facial wipe to remove any oils from my skin.

Step 2: I moisturize my face with Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty.

Step 3: I prime my face with matte primer by Bare Minerals.

Step 4: I apply Becca Backlight Priming Filter to make my skin glow and blur any imperfections.

Step 5: I cover my blemishes and help heal them by putting on Blemish Therapy Concealer by Bare Minerals. I only apply this on my blemishes not anywhere else on my skin.It comes with the Heal and Conceal brush below.

Step 6: I apply the Blemish Remedy Powder Foundation by Bare Minerals. It helps fight acne and provides matte full coverage. It is buildable so you can increase your coverage. I chose this foundation because I wanted a more natural makeup look and it does just so.

This brush is recommended to be purchased with the powder foundation above. It is the Seamless Buffing Brush by Bare Minerals.

Step 7: I apply concealer under my eyes, on blemishes, and any area with redness. I love the Maybelline Age Rewind Highlighting Concealer. Also, to enhance the color of my lipstick I apply some on my lips before application.

I use a beauty blender to blend my concealer out. I would recommend a small or medium size. I would also recommend this to apply any liquid foundation. The original brand is expensive so you can buy a cheaper one from TJ Maxx or Amazon.

Step 8: I apply Neutrogena Shine Control Powder to set my makeup and prevent any shine from sweat to occur. This is my favorite drug store translucent powder.

Step 9: It’s time for the brows! I brush mine with an old mascara brush but you can buy an inexpensive one from the drugstore. Having shaped and filled brows is trending right now so a lot of companies have good products. Sephora and MAC have very nice high quality products that I would recommend!

I use an angled brush to fill in my brows. Always remember to buy nice quality makeup brushes because it changes how the product applies and cheap ones shed bristles. I recommend this one.

I use MAC brown powder to fill in my brows but I would recommend this pencil: click here

Step 10: I highlight my cheekbones and brow bone to give my skin a natural glow. I use one from MAC but Urban Decay and Becca have beautiful highlighters too.

Step 11: I apply blush to warm up my face and make my skin look more natural. I recommend the shade Melba from MAC. It applies beautifully and compliments every skin tone. But most of the time one of the makeup artists in MAC will recommend the perfect shade for you.

I use this brush from Mary Kay to apply both my highlighter and blush. I pat the product on my cheek bone then blend up towards the top of my ear. MAC also carries amazing quality brushes!

Step 12: I prime my eyelids with Bare Study Primer by MAC. It has a gorgeous finish and applies beautifully. I just use my finger and cover my whole lid.

Step 13: I apply Naked Lunch Eye Shadow by MAC on my lids ending at my crease.

This is my FAVORITE palette! It’s the Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay. There are so many beautiful ways to use this product.

For this look I apply Limit for a matte base.

Next I apply Strange in the center of my lid to add a spotlight effect.

Last I blend Nooner into my crease. I dab the product toward the outside of my lid then blend it into the center. This adds definition to your eye. You can add any other color to the inner corner of your eye for a compliment. When I’m done with eyeshadow I apply highlighter to my brow bone.

I use this tapered blending brush by MAC to apply all of my shadows.

Step 14: I curl my eyelashes to add volume, 3 seconds on each side. My eyelash curler is from Revlon.

Step 15: I use Upward Lash Mascara in Black from MAC. This product is a Godsend, it adds amazing volume and length. It’s buildable so you can increase the thickness.

Step 16: I recently discovered this GEN NUDE Matte Lipstick from Bare Minerals and it’s my favorite lipstick I have ever owned. It’s expensive but SO worth it!!! I have it in the color Slay (which is gorgeous), but I recommend every shade they have!!!!

My favorite gloss is Mocktail Hour by Victoria Secret. I like the consistency, color, and it smells wonderful.

I use a makeup mirror similar to this, and sit in front of a window when I apply my makeup everyday. This ensures that I will properly apply everything and nothing will be applied too heavily.

My Full Makeup Look:

This look takes me 10-15 minutes in the morning to do! It’s quick and easy yet looks like you spent hours doing it! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any suggestions in the comments below! Enjoy your weekend!

Yours Truly,

Elle Coffman

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