My Favorite Body Care Products!! 

Happy Saturday lovelies! Today I’m posting about my all time favorite body care products! I always try to take really good care of my body and have done lots of research to find the best products for me! Everyone has different skin and hair types but hopefully some of these products could be beneficial purchases for you!

Facial Care Products: 

My skin is pretty sensitive so I stay away from any products with harsh chemicals. Over the years I have discovered these are the best products for my skin.

  • Sensitive skin wipes by Equate Beauty (I always wipe my makeup off before washing my face and applying makeup.)
  • Moisturizing Facial Wash by Simple (light face wash that leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, and soft.)
  • Clarisonic (One of my favorite purchases! The bristles and motion are designed to effectively clean your skin and leave it feeling so soft and wonderful! It removes all the dirt and oil from your skin better than any other method.)
  • Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty (I moisturize after I wash my face and before I apply makeup- this is SO important for healthy skin.)
  • Pore-purifying serum by Mary Kay Clear Proof. (I apply this in between washing my face and moisturizing it. I spread it on my forehead, T zone, and chin.)
  • Acne Treatment Gel by Mary Kay Clear Proof (I apply this after I moisturizing my face. I only apply on my blemishes, then they are either gone or reduced by the next day!)

Body Care Products: 

  • Raspberry Sorbet Body Wash by Philosophy (This soap smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean.)
  • Pomegranate Raspberry shaving cream by EOS (The most amazing shaving cream you will ever lay your eyes on! It leaves my skin feeling super soft without any bumps! It applies like lotion and has a smooth removal by my razor. Also it smells like heaven!)
  • White Citrus body lotion by Bath and Body Works (I love smelling crisp and fresh and this lotion does just that! I use this on a daily basis but if my skin is super dry I resort to a more intense hydrating lotion, normally from the brand Vaseline.)
  • Freshwater orchid scent clinical strength deodorant by Secret (I struggle with deodorants because many of them still leave me sweating through my shirt, embarrassing, but true! I apply this at night, that is the most effective method for me because it helps block sweat before my day even starts. Did I mention it smells amazing?)
  • Pure vanilla healthy deodorant by lavanila laboratories ( This is 100% natural, and contains no aluminum or parabens. I apply this in the morning instead of applying clinical strength twice in a day. The aluminum in normal deodorants clog your pores and cause carpal tunnel. The less you use it the better!)
  • Perfume- I have two favorites; Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Daisy by Marc Jacobs (They are expensive but I’d rather have two amazing scents than a ton from BBW. Also they last a lot longer and smell much nicer than low price perfumes.)

Wet Hair Care Products:

As the title indicates I use these products when my hair is wet.

  • Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (I have tried probably a thousand different brands of shampoo and conditioner and this is my favorite. It leaves my hair smelling wonderful, feeling soft, and doesn’t build up easily. Even though it’s very moisturizing it doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily when it dries. I apologize that the conditioner isn’t pictured, I ran out of it! Anyone else have the same issue where they run out of conditioner first?)
  • Keratin Styling Cream by CHI (My hair is very frizzy so this helps smooth it out and remove the frizz. It also contains keratin that nourishes your hair and helps it grow. The only negative is that it smells kinda weird but it’s mild so it’s not noticeable and goes away by morning.)
  • Frizz-less styling cream by Living Proof (This product also helps with my frizz and smells amazing! Sometimes I rotate products or use both, depending on how I style my hair that day.)
  • Straight hair Styling Cream by CHI (This helps smooth out my hair and protect it from the heat of my straightening iron the next day. This is not pictured but if you’re interested it comes in a red bottle with a pump.)
  • Silk Infusion by CHI (This makes my hair so soft and shiny. It’s literally heaven in a bottle. If you buy any product from this blog post it should be this one. You can also apply it to your dry hair before straightening it or after curling it for best results.)

Dry Hair Care Products: 

  • Iron Guard by CHI (I spray this on before styling my hair. This helps protect my hair from heat which causes breakage.)
  • Shine Infusion by CHI (I spray this on for a quick shine touch up! If my hair is looking dull or dry this perks it right up! It makes your hair look flawless!)
  • Not Your Mothers Texturing Sea Salt Spray (When I wake up I have very soft curls, this helps define them and texture my hair. Perfect for creating beach waves in seconds!)
  • Magnified Volume finishing spray by CHI (My hair has NO volume whatsoever. I spray this in my roots and it instantly perks it up!)
  • Hairspray by TRESemmé (I don’t like when hairspray leaves my hair feeling and looking crispy. This one hold my curls while looking invisible. Life Hack: spray hairspray on an unused toothbrush to brush your flyaways back. Trust me, it’s a life saver!!)

Dental Care Products:

  • Electric toothbrush by Diamond Pro Series (If you haven’t switched to an electric toothbrush I highly recommend it! I feel like my mouth is cleaner and teeth are whiter since I’ve started using one. This one also has LED lights that disinfect my brush heads. For some reason I have always been weird about the sanitation of my toothbrush and this makes me feel much better!)
  • Sensodyne extra whitening toothpaste (This leaves my mouth feeling fresh and it helps whiten my teeth. This brand is known for its sensitive formula so that’s why I chose it.)
  • Crest Pro Health Advanced extra whitening mouthwash (For an extra clean feel.)
  • Crest 3D sensitive white strips (I use these for 3 days every other week, if I have any left!)
  • Fresh Guard retainer cleaner (I use either the powder or wipes to clean my retainer every week.)
  • Disposable Floss by Oral B (I was never good about flossing until I discovered these. It makes flossing much easier and convenient.)

I hope that at least one of these recommendations can benefit you! If you ever wonder what a certain product is like search a review on YouTube! Those are always so helpful and save time and money!

My plan was to do a LUSH product review but I didn’t love the products enough to share them with you all. I tried their shampoo, conditioner, face bar, and lip scrub. If you are looking for products with all natural ingredients then I would highly recommend them. But they weren’t the right products for my hair and skin type. I’m  not knocking all of their products because I LOVE their bath bombs and face masks. Plus I haven’t tried everything so try them on your own before you say no.

Next week my plan is to do my makeup routine. The next few weeks I am planning on doing a school outfit look book, 20 clothing essentials for fall, and my workout routine. If you have any suggestions or want to see a certain post, comment below!

Have a wonderful day and remember to take care of yourself,

Elle Coffman


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