Back to School Supplies!!!

Even though I dread summer coming to an end I do love shopping for school supplies and feeling organized! Here are a few things I picked up this year at Target…

  1. Book Bag

I had been struggling finding a book bag that would hold all my stuff and look cute, but luckily I found this one! Target has cute book bags and for great prices. I also recommend bags from Herschel Supply Co., Vera Bradley, Jans Sport, and The North Face.

2. Writing Utensils

I buy Bic mechanical pencils because they are great quality! I recommend them over other brands, and trust me I’ve tried many! I have highlighters from last year that still work perfectly fine so I’m using those. I will also bring a pen and thin sharpie markers to school, I just don’t have them pictured.

3. Calculator

Gotta have one of these to survive math…! I purchased this Ti-84 from Target but you can find it at Walmart, Best Buy, and online too. These are expensive so I would make sure your teacher recommends this calculator before you purchase it! I have the colored version and it’s very convenient, but the style without color still does the job!!

4. Book Covers

Some teachers still pass out books at the beginning of the year. These are very helpful to keep your books nice by the time you return them. Book replacements are very expensive, you could buy yourself a new pair of shoes with that money… So go get yourself a book cover! 😉

5. Paper

I always have loose leaf paper with me just in case we have book work or to jot down notes. A basic necessity.

6. Folders

I have tried to use folders more than binders to maximize space in my book bag. These have dividers to keep my papers nice and organized- I’m really happy about that! I will use binders this year too but I haven’t bought them yet. I want to see what classes require them then buy only what I need. My plan is to clean out all my papers after each 9 weeks so I don’t have so many papers throughout the year. I’ll store them in a container until I need them for finals.

7. Notebooks

I will use these to take notes in class and for homework. Target was having a deal where you can buy 4 notebooks for $3 so I took full advantage of that! Instead of buying all large notebooks that will last all year I bought one for each nine weeks!

8. Large Notebook

I bought one large notebook for English so I can keep all my writing from the year in one place.

9. Agenda

Probably my favorite thing! I love keeping my tasks organized with lists. I also have to write down everything I need to do or I’ll forget. I recommend getting one or use the one the school provides to ensure you remember to do all your homework and other projects. At the end of the day I always think back on my day and write down my homework- you could also do it throughout the day, but I just don’t always have time.

10. Water bottle

I personally love my water bottle from blogilates because it keeps me motivated and hydrated. Water is so good for your body and helps keeps you focused throughout the day. My goal is to drink more water this school year so hopefully this will help me!

11. Ear buds

These are my best friend. I love sticking them in during study hall. Music helps me relax or get in a better mood. Nothing is more therapeutic than music and it is just what I need during a stressful day at school!

12. Locker decor

Okay, yes I’m that person that decorates her locker… This year I purchased a geometric chandelier (go ahead roll your eyes) but it makes me happy and that’s exactly how I want to feel, especially at school! I have a mirror to make sure I don’t have food in my teeth after lunch and can touch up my lip gloss. These are just things a girl’s gotta do! I also have a flower Scentportable from Bath and Body Works with two scents which are currently for fall because you know I’m already excited for the Pumpkin Cupcake and Farmstead Apple scents… I go to my locker three times a day so these decorations will go to use!!

I hope some of my tips were helpful and will prepare you for this school year!! Of course do what’s best for you and buy the supplies that fit your needs. Everyone is different and all teachers require different supplies. These are just the things that are best for me! Would you like me to do a school clothing haul? Let me know in the comments!!

Enjoy your day,

Elle Coffman


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