New York Fashion Week Exclusive Photos

In February I attended a few fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. These photos are from one of many shows I attended in the beautiful Affinia Hotel, Manhattan. They are Leanne Marshall’s breathtaking designs. She is from Oregon and was the winner of Project Runway Season 5. A big thank you to Holland Grumieaux for giving me this opportunity!


Going to these shows sparked the love I have for the fashion industry even more. I learned so much during this experience and savored every moment. One of my favorite things about this show was seeing what all the guests wore. There were so many beautiful and extravagant outfits. Being exposed to this opened my eyes to all the endless styles there are and inspired my own.

As you probably saw I updated the look of my blog! I am wanting to post more often, my goal is every Saturday morning. If you ever have any questions for me or want to see a certain post on my blog leave a comment below! I love hearing from you and appreciate feedback! Thank you for supporting me by reading my posts, I hope you enjoy them!

Until next time,

Elle Coffman


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