Meet Brittney Sutherin

Meet Brittney Sutherin, she is an 18 year old with a bright future! I met Brittney in Columbus at a fashion board meeting at Nordstrom. We have known each other for about 2 years and are finally collaborating on our blogs!! This interview introduces Brittney’s blog, personal interests, advice, and goals.
1. What is the purpose of your blog? 
Originally the purpose of my blog was to have a place for me to express myself but only in the areas of fashion and beauty. Now it’s still a place to express myself but I show many more sides of myself. Just last week I posted something about my walkabout. I would have never had done that in the beginning.
2. What are your goals for your blog? 
My goals for my blog are constantly changing because I’m constantly wanting change. Currently, I am working on a better newsletter system and a project that I will have more details on later. Some of my upcoming posts will be dealing with productivity and organization because I love organization and I try to write posts I’d like to read myself.
3. What is your favorite trend? 
Well I’m not sure if it’s still a trend because as much as I try I always fall kinda behind but I really like the midi- skirt trend. Even though I’m not the tallest person I really like wearing them. A good midi skirt can make me feel put together but also comfortable. I usually only wear pants so transitioning to wearing more skirts was made easier with the midi skirt trend.
4. What are your favorite colors to wear? 
My go to color to wear is usually grey or olive green. My eyes are actually grey not blue so I generally try to wear a grey shirt to make my eyes seem more grey. Some days I feel like making my red hair stand out more so I pick an olive green. I find both colors really easy to style because they are more earthy tones and will go with almost anything.
5. What is your go-to store? 
My go-to store is Nordstrom. My mom has been going to Nordstrom since before I was born. My grandpa lived in California so when she would go visit him she would also go to Nordstrom. My first bear was from Nordstrom. I’ve always been a fan of Nordstrom. But I really enjoy the fact they have pieces in their departments that are really basic and they also have really versatile statement pieces. Their customer service is always superb and I just overall feel really comfortable buy clothes from them. They are always quality.
6. Who inspires your style? 
To be honest, a Youtube named Zoella. I watch her religiously. I just really enjoy her videos. I love her style too. But I have other inspirations too. Taylor Swift, Tanya Burr, Adele. But I take most of my style inspiration from Pinterest or even my sister.
7. How do you stay confident? 
There’s a lot that I’m not confident about. But something has helped is being positive throughout every struggle, or scary adventure. Being a senior in high school as a lot of scary exciting things attached to it. I’m not gonna lie I’m scared of going to college but I am excited too. I have decided to be positive about it. Whatever happens even if it seems like its the end of the world. I believe the universe is setting me up for something grander in life.
8. What is your key to success? 
My key to success may be different to what other people might think I would say. Most people say hard work or determination those kinds of big tough words. But to me success is measured differently. Yeah hard work and determination are a part of it. But if you just try your best. You will succeed. When I had to take the ACT’s over again last October I tried my best. I knew I had and even though my score went down overall I knew I was successful in that endeavor.
9. What experience has shaped who you are? 
 The biggest experience that has shaped who I am is probably this past June when I went to Europe for the second time. We were on a school trip. My sister and I were the oldest girls in the group. I had a super fun time. I made so many friends on that trip and I really felt truly happy when we were in Europe. I made me realize my end goal.
10. What are your plans for the future; how will you get there? 
Going off of the previous question, I realized my end goal was to live outside the United States. Not many people have that goal, most people it seems just fall into it. But I love the countries outside of the united states. I was very happy there. I felt the Europeans have a simpler lifestyle and I would love to be apart of it. I will get there by studying as hard as I can in college. I want to learn about everything. I want to study abroad when I’m in college. I just want to be able to say I did something out of my comfort zone. I lived in a foreign country for x amount of years. I would be so incredible happy.
I hope you enjoyed reading about the awesome, Brittney Sutherin! Follow her blog, and while you’re over there you can read my answers to these questions!!!  {}

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