#OOTW- Florida Edition

I am so happy it’s Spring! I love this season because everything is going from brown to green and flowers start to bloom, which makes me so happy! Also, this season means Spring Break and this year I went to Florida with my family! I decided to create a mini look book on a few outfits my brothers and I wore over vaca! My brothers (especially my youngest one, Greyson) love fashion, so I decided to collaborate their style in this post.

Look 1: Preppy Evening Out

These looks are for a dressy occasion, like dinner or church, etc.

Greyson loves to layer! He paired a basic tee with a collared long sleeve shirt, and rolled the sleeves. To make the look more dressy he wore khakis.  Jeans would be a perfect alternative for a more casual, yet cute look. He is wearing dark gray Vans sneakers that are functional and fashionable. To add a touch of his personality he added a tan fedora hat and sunglasses.


Carson loves to be comfortable and stylish. He paired a trendy collared button up shirt with khakis (which feel like jeans) and a belt to pull everything together for a clean look. He wore similar shoes to Greyson, which feel like tennis shoes, but look more dressy. Perfect for any guy! He also wore a watch to maturely pull the outfit together.


I always try to dress girly and classy. I wore a long sleeve floral dress with comfortable nude wedges. I wore small pearl earrings and a few bangles (I personally always go simple, but that’s just me! ). This evening I also pulled my hair in a low bun because 1) It’s fast and easy and 2) It’s a classy look that goes with my style (and is also out of my face, which is a plus!) I am all for a nice curl but with humid weather my hair just frizzes up.


Look 2: Stroll on the Boardwalk

These looks are trendy yet comfortable and you can still have a good time!

Carson wore a blue striped t-shirt and khaki shorts. When shopping, try to find colors that suit your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. That will pull your look together and make you feel more confident. Carson looks good in blue, so he purchases clothing in that color to compliment his features. Embrace your unique qualities and have fun figuring out what looks good on you!


Greyson always makes a statement! He layered a red pullover with a blue collared shirt and khakis. He accessorized with a sporty Swatch watch, Lokai bracelet, and of course Ray Ban sunglasses! If you are a guy and struggle dressing the way you want because you think you won’t “fit in”; that is just not true! Greyson used to primarily wear sporty clothes (not that there is anything wrong with that), but now he feels more confident wearing the clothes that he loves and best express his personality. Don’t let others’ comments about your style get to you.  Be yourself, be daring, and try new things because there are also those who love who you are and appreciate your style!!


I love wearing black! It is an effortless color that makes you look sophisticated and flatters all shapes and sizes! My outfit looks dressy but is SO comfortable! I wore a black scalloped top with floral shorts, strappy sandals, a silver watch, and earrings. I wore a natural pony and braided one side for detail and volume.


Look 3: By the Pool


I wore a white crochet top and high waisted blue bottoms. I love this look because it’s so simple, trendy and pretty.


I like a little coverage when I walk to and from the pool, so I threw on a fun printed kimono!

I never spend a lot of time on my hair before I go to the pool. It gets frizzy and greasy from sunscreen. For this look, I put Moroccan Oil curl serum and sea salt spray in my hair and braided one side. This is an effortless, natural look that is perfect for laying out!


Look 4: Easter

One word to describe this look… sweet.


I wore a pink floral dress with a ruffle at the neckline. This pretty look is perfect for church and brunch on a lovely warm day!

All of these looks can be recreated from any store at any price! Don’t get discouraged because you think you have to spend big bucks on an outfit! Always wait for items to go on sale, go thrift shopping, or buy items at an online consignment store to get the looks you want for a lower price. Also remember to only buy the things you love! It’s better to have a few things you love, than a lot that you kinda like.

I hope you got some spring outfit inspiration! Remember to stay true to your style and don’t think you have to conform to society and wear what everyone else is wearing to be “cool”! Someone had to wear something first and start a trend! Be a trendsetter!!

Stay beautiful,



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