New York Fashion Week: Oxford Fashion Studio

I was given the amazing opportunity to work at Studio 450 with the Oxford Fashion Studio during New York Fashion Week. My job was to finalize the chair tags, socialize with guests, and take photos. The show was absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait to share my experience with you!

Part of the Banson group and I before setting up:

The beautiful venue:



Stairs leading to backstage. The models got ready upstairs, there was a hair and makeup team, and the designers brought their line up here too.

My roomates Macy and Sami

Hair and Makeup team . Two cosmetology students from our Banson group got the opportunity to help them do hair and makeup.

The venue after setting up:

  The Fashion Show:

NGA Wun Kitty Mok (China)- Graduate of Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, England and designer, Kitty has an eye for bold patterns and detail, and shows that in her innovative designs.  She “…presented a playful mix of colour and pattern that gives an appearance of texture with this ‘arcade’ inspired line.  It’s fun.  Bravo!”



      Photo taken by Ellie Auch

LEAF XIA- Xia is a graduate of Parsons The New School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Womenswear. Specializing in collage, she uses this medium as a tool to express her unique design spirit. Often featuring oversized shapes with colourful collaged silhouettes that play on classic. Collage techniques and bonded fabrics bring an unconventional sporty quality that is wearable to Xia’s work.


        Photo taken by Ellie Auch

VEJITS (Finland)- Designers Olli Turunen, Pornwijit Chuasomboon and Mikhail
Volodchenkov founded this classic brand with natural Nordic and Asian influences.
Every item is produced ethically in Finland and in Thailand and has a story that can be
seen in the prints as well as in the playful details in each garment.  The collection
embraces Nordic minimalism and functionality with Asian colors and richness.

-Holland Grumieax (Founder of BansonNYC)


HANBYEL KANG (USA) – Born in South Korea and educated at Parsons The New School
of Design, Hanbyel Kang creates designs that are original, romantic and dramatic.  Her
inspiration can be defined by the elegance in eccentricity.  Her skills with pattern making, designing, developing fabric treatment and creating digital prints is obvious throughout the line.

-Holland Grumieax (Founder of BansonNYC)

  Photo taken by Ellie Auch

ARTHUR AVELLANO (France)- Avellano graduated from the Institut Supérieur Des Arts De Toulouse. He handmade his designs in Paris, France and are 100% latex. His water resistant designs are eye catching and innovative.


  Photo taken by Ellie Auch

LENIE BOYA (UK) – Uzbekistan born fashion designer, Lenie Boya, started creating
dresses for herself at the tender age of 7 when she was given a few remnants of material.
She has now launched a luxury womenswear label where she brings her visions to life
and ultimately aims to allow a woman to express her innate beauty, individuality and
confidence while wearing a Lenie Boya creation.

-Holland Grumieax (Founder of BansonNYC)

  Photo taken by Ellie Auch Photo taken by Ellie Auch

ALEXIS WALSH (New York, NY) Alexis is a graduate from Parsons The New School of Design. The majority of her work focuses on the notion of using the human body as canvas. Through unconventional , materials such as metal and plastic, and the exploration of technologies including SD printing, Alexis transcends the traditional modes of fashion to push the boundaries of wearable art. Alexis’s work has been exhibited in New York, Paris, London, Madrid and Berlin, and has been worn by Lady Gaga.


Photo taken by Ellie Auch

Photo taken by Ellie Auch

Behind the scenes after the show:


I want to thank Holland Grumieax (founder of BansonNYC and chaperon), Rachel Roth (chaperon), Tiffany Saunders (Creative Director of OFS), Zee llze Vira (Assistant Runway Director of OFS), Jemima Myers (PR and Production Manager of OFS), and Carl Anglim (Director/ Producer) for giving me and other high school/ college students the opportunity to work at a fashion show during New York Fashion Week and see such a beautiful show.

I took and edited most of the photos on this page. Ellie Auch also photographed during the show and I used some of her pictures. I am so grateful for this life-changing experience and am thrilled I was able to take photos and blog about it.

From my heart to yours….



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