What I Learned During My Adventure in New York City: Day 5

Thank you for taking the time to read about my week in New York City. If you are a fellow fashionista and are in high school or college, please look into Banson NYC fashion summer camp. Check out their website (www.BansonNYC.com) and if you have any questions email me at ecoff9@gmail.com.  I am so thankful I had this opportunity. God has taken me places I could only have dreamed of. I also have the most amazing and supportive parents who have given me the privilege to experience things like this.

I thought of the week as a package. Throughout the week we filled it with goodies and the last day we wrapped it and even placed a beautiful bow on top.  Friday, June 26th, was our last day when we took all the information we learned and applied it to our lives. We spent the day at the LIM Townhouse, the school’s classrooms are located here. Admissions1 Educational Consultants talked to us about college and career options, and we learned how to find our best match. Personally I discovered so much about myself, my abilities, and passion. Now I know that I want to live in New York City and have a better idea of my plans for the future. I have learned so many things from this camp, but I do have five that stand out to me the most.

1. Follow your heart, you are capable of anything. Trust me when I say this: “You will do it”. If you love something enough and put all of your heart into it, there is no doubt your dreams can come true. It doesn’t matter what you have or where you are from, Raul told us. All that matters is your passion and determination. My dream is to have a job in the fashion industry and I will never give up on it. I am motivated and determined to work very hard. Honestly I’m not scared at all.  I am so excited! When you find what you want and love to do you will feel the same way. My parents can even see the love of fashion in me. They always tell me my eyes light up whenever I go to a Nordstrom fashion meeting or event or when I talk about my aspirations. During job interviews, something your future boss will be looking for is passion. I talked to many people who have held interviews and they love when someone comes in and shows passion and interest in what they are doing. My hope is to inspire you to follow your dreams and only make decisions that will positively impact you and will make you so happy. You have one chance at life, do what makes you smile every day.

2. Only make choices that broaden your horizons. Kenneth D. King taught me this. When it comes to daily life choices or big choices like what college to attend, only make choices that will positively benefit you. He also told us that these choices might be the hardest, scariest choices of our lives. Always remember to take chances, but always make good decisions.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail, and it’s okay to say I don’t know. Don’t know what you want to do with your life? Guess what? That’s okay, you’re not alone!! A majority of the people we talked to went to college having selected one major and graduated with a different one. They are now just as successful as those who knew what they wanted to do at the start of college. Many people take multiple classes their first year just to discover what they like to do. Also, if you don’t succeed at something, it wasn’t a waste of your time and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself about it. Your failure can lead to your success, and now you can move on and focus on your passion.

4. Always work hard. This should be a no brainer, but surprisingly people still don’t do it. Everyone we met at some point told us it takes work hard. When it comes to an internship or a job, your hard work will be noticed and appreciated. Maybe not at first, but eventually. Kayleigh Adam, for example, has an internship in NYC and she told us that sometimes the girls she works with are on their phone instead of doing their job. Kayleigh always stays on task and gets the job done. Her boss has taken notice of this, which has had great benefits. The fashion industry is large and fast changing, but it can feel small because you never know who you will run into again. Always work hard and be kind to your peers and co-workers. One day they might help you get your dream job.

5. Don’t burn your bridges. Like I said before, you never know who you will meet again. Always keep contact information from people you meet throughout the years. If someone does something nice for you, get in the habit of sending hand written thank you cards. If it’s a former teacher who inspired you, or even a co-worker that has always been kind to you, make a point to thank these people for all they have done. Those kind words will mean so much to them. Holland taught us this and is a living example. The reason we were able to tour the companies throughout the week were because Holland had worked with them before, reached out to them and put an effort into being their friend.

I hope you learned something from my experience as well. I can’t wait for my future, but I am taking one step at a time and living in the moment. Don’t forget to cherish the times you have now because you can’t relive them.

Friday we had a special visit from former Banson campers. It was so cool to see how far all of these girls have come since they were campers like me. They were all so inspiring and one is even attending a college I am very interested in, Kent State, in Ohio.

The Wanderlust Girls (Abigail and Emily) who are fashion bloggers came to the classroom and shared their story of how they started their blog and became successful. They were so kind and encouraging. They were another reason I was inspired to start this blog.

It was sad saying goodbye to everyone that night, but I was smiling at all the incredible memories we made. It is so wonderful how close you can get to people in such a short amount of time. I will cherish our friendship forever.

Remember to follow your dreams and always be yourself. And don’t forget to smile, because life is a privilege.

From my heart to yours, MademoisELLE


2 thoughts on “What I Learned During My Adventure in New York City: Day 5

  1. brittneysutherin says:

    It sounds like you had a fantastic time in NYC. It’s so cool that you know what you want to do already. I can confirm that your eyes did light up at the Nordstrom meetings. Miss you and the other girls we should all get together soon!

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