My Adventure in New York City: Day 4

On Thursday, June 25 we started the day by talking to Kayleigh Adam, you might know her from her blog, Kayleigh’s Kloset. She was a former Banson NYC camper and is in New York City for a summer internship. She gave us helpful tips for college, getting an internship and job, and about blogging. She inspired me to start my blog, if you’re reading this Kayleigh, thank you!!! 

Next, we went to Mood Designer Fabrics. Designers from Project Runway come to this fabric store in the heart of the garment district to get their supplies for the show, but anyone can purchase fabric here.

After that we went to Fashion Snoops, a trend forecasting company. Cecilia Olivia, the sales director for the United States and Latin America, talked to us about her job and the company. She gave us a personal example of when one door closes, another one opens. It made me realize that it’s okay not to always succeed, it will only lead me to where I’m supposed to be.

 Then we had lunch at CHF Industries, Inc. They are one of the leading designers, marketers, and manufacturers of window curtains, fashion bedding and accessories, and decorative bathroom products in North and South America. We gave them input on their products and the style of bedroom decorations we would buy for our college dorm one day.

After that we went to the Fashion Institute of Technology, known as FIT. Professor Geib gave us a little tour of the building, showed us fashion merchandising projects her students have made, and answered our questions about the school. FIT is definitely a college I am interested in attending one day.

Next we went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art- China: Through the Looking Glass. This was the most beautiful exhibit I have ever been to! I literally took a picture of every piece in the exhibit but I’ll only share a few of my favorites.

 To end the fabulous day we got our nails done at ‘M for U Nails. This was a perfect activity after all the walking we had done that week.

We ate dinner in the neighborhood then headed back to the dorm for the night.

Thanks for reading about my fourth day in the city! I will hopefully post about the last day of camp by Monday.

From my heart to yours -MademoisELLE


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